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February 1, 2016

TshWi-Fi Promotion Campaign

Task – create a unique, stand-out, differentiated and localised roll-out campaign for a free wi-fi service.

Outcomes – grew unique user base from 400 000 to 2 million, empowered schools, clinics, local municipalities, libraries, and carried out an integrated campaign which created jobs and drove usage of empowerment aspects of portal – education, job-seeking and business profiling.


“Having worked with Mosa, Jay & Jackie, I was most impressed by the team’s diligence, creativity and understanding of the marketing environment, which contributed to highly impactful campaigns.” – Sarette Kamffer, Acting Exec. Director: Strategic Marketing

  • Strategy

    Brand, outdoor promotion.

  • Design

    Brand identity, marketing collateral.

  • Client

    City of Tshwane

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